Anton Ohorodnyk


Hi, you’re on the purely minimalistic and clear website.

Multiple beautiful designs have been implemented for my blog. They made me busy improving them because I wanted to have a minimalistic design to read articles but not sell something.

The result of multiple tests can see on this website.

About me

My name is Anton Ohorodnyk1. I have a Master’s degree in Software Engineering in National Aviation University in Kyiv.

I have commercial experience as a software engineer since 2009.

My favorite programming language is Go. However, I believe that every developer must explore various paradigms and languages to have the ability to make the best contribution for every task/product. Therefore, I am open to doing my job in multiple languages if required by task and business.


The main goal for this blog is to share my private opinion about some questions I worry about. I hope every article will be helpful for someone. If you want to reach me out, use any way you can find.

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